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1. As a primary product of liquid crystal display, segment code screen still exists in the market due to its cost advantage and data simplicity, and it is still a relatively important product. News can completely replace existing solutions, and on this basis, provide customers with better solutions and more value.

2. Dot matrix LCD products still stand firm with their cost advantages and low power consumption. We are committed to applying dot matrix products to replace 7-segment decoder tubes, and adding new innovations and more added value to customer solutions to provide customers with better solutions.

3. TFT color screens have been widely used in the market, and standard products and customized products are widely used. Touch screens, cover plates, LCD FPC connections, and interface conversions are basic services. News provides our customers with more customized value, reduces their overall costs, improves their product competitiveness, and creates value for them.

4. HMI products are currently widely used in Android systems, Linux systems, and the Hongmeng operating system currently developed by News, providing customers with stable and excellent front-end HMI. Lightweight, ultra-thin and easy to install. Give customers more design space.

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