• Continuous improvement<br>contributes perfection
    Continuous improvement
    contributes perfection
    ISO9001-2015 Quality management system
    Q+Quality policy
    5S site managements
    ERP and Lean production
  • TFT LCD Module
    TFT LCD Module
    Panel size :1.77”,2.4”,2.8”,3.5”,4.3”,5.0”,5.7”,7.0”
    8.0”,10.1”,10.4”,12.1”,15” etc.
  • New products and new technologies
    New products and new technologies
    Constantly introduce new products to meet customer's expectations for new display technologies .
  •  Character LCD Module
    Character LCD Module
    Character LCD:8*1、8*2、16*1、16*2、20*2、24*2、40*2、16*4、20*4
    Graphic LCD:122*32、128*32、128*64、192*64、240*64、240*128、160*128
  • Custom LCD Products
    Custom LCD Products
    Custom resolutions,screen and back light color , interface
    dimensions,connector, cable, touch panel, heater ,PCB.

About Us

Beijing HTDISPLAY Electronics Co., Ltd., as one of the professional LCD manufacturers in China, has established a customer supporting network with technical & sales service centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.
We are located in Beijing Economic Development Zone, specialized in various types of LCD panels of TN, HTN, STN & FSTN and various types of LCD modules of COB, SMT, TAB, COG, COF and H/S. We are capable to supply hundreds types of LCD modules with resolutions under 320X240 and various types of custom LCD panels and LCD modules. We are always standby to contribute better display solutions to all the customers from at home and abroad.

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ISO9001-2015 EN
ISO9001-2015 CN
Award- Best Supplier to GST UTC
Best Supplier to GST UTC


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